Collecting Demographics While Zooming

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Here are a few options for collecting demographics with Zoom events.
  1. Use EventBrite and have your participants register for your event. In the EventBrite event registration setup, include the questions to request the demographics of your participants. After your meeting check off your attendees and use the Eventbrite data tool to download your data. Contacts Tool
  2. Estimate participant demographics through observation. If people are using cameras, estimate the demographic information during the session by observation. It is often helpful if you have a co-facilitator visually estimates the demographic breakdown during the meeting.
  3. Estimate participant demographics through Zoom user list. Zoom provides a report of those who sign-on. In situations where there is prior interaction/knowledge of demographics of your participants, estimate the demographics. How to run Zoom reports.
  4. Estimate demographics based on a typical/similar program delivered traditionally in the past or use the demographic breakdown of the county to represent the demographics of the participants. This method is the least preferable and should only be used as a last resort.