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Introduction to Evaluation Tools

Evaluation tools vary with the type of Extension activity/program and the audience. Extension activities/programs vary from one-time very short presentations to multi-session comprehensive Extension programs. For the purpose of Evaluation, these various forms of Extension activities can be categorized into the following 3 major groups.

  1. One-time short training presentations last two hours or less (Coded as tool type 1)
  2. One-time relatively long training presentations (Coded as tool type 2)
  3. Multi-session training programs (Coded as tool type 3)

Evaluation tools have been developed for each of these three major types of extension trainings. In addition to these 3 major types of evaluation tools, the following tools have been developed for you to use appropriately.

  1. Follow-Up Evaluations (Coded as tool type 4)
  2. Train-the-Trainer Evaluations (Coded as tool type 5)
  3. 4-H Youth Camp Evaluations (Coded as tool type 6)
  4. Mass Media Extension Evaluations (Coded as tool type 7)

Also, the type of evaluation tools varies with the type of the target audience. The type of Extension audience can be categorized into three broad groups:

  1. Adults (Coded as A)
  2. Youths with 8 grade or higher reading levels (Coded as YH)
  3. Youths with less than 8 grade reading level (Coded as YL)

Important: Please use designated codes to select the tool that you need.