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Economic Impact

The programs and activities of N.C. Cooperative Extension have a robust stimulus effect the North Carolina economy. In terms of expenditure impacts alone, Extension generates $205 million of economic output annually and supports more than 1,700 jobs for North Carolinians. However, these expenditure impacts are significantly eclipsed by the benefits that accrue to the state through the wide array of services provided through Extension’s network of functional programs and initiatives. The impact of Extension’s work in supporting enhanced agricultural and forest production in the state is estimated herein to approach $1,526.9 million in terms of estimated increase in total North Carolina economic output, comprising direct, indirect, and induced impact components. Programs in support of youth, families, and enhanced health of North Carolinians are projected to exceed $365 million annually.

N.C. Cooperative Extension generates an estimated 27:1 economic impact return for the overall state economy in return for Federal, State and County investments and an estimated 33:1 economic impact return for State and County investments.

View the complete economic impact report by TEConomy Partners LLC.