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Evaluating One-Time Short Training (2 Hours or Less)

This is the most common Extension training method used by agents in North Carolina. This type of Extension activity lasts 2 hours or less and reaches the target audience only one time, such as an hour-long presentation to a group of homeowners about water conservation. To evaluate this type of activity, select the survey tool coded as 1. It is called retrospective pre- and post-evaluation. Select the tool that suits your audience. Evaluations should be administered once at the end of the training. Since these training workshops are short, there is no time to conduct pre- and post-tests. Therefore, retrospective pre- and post-tests will be used as the appropriate strategy for collecting evaluation data.

  • Advantages of retrospective pre- and post-tests: Simple and easy-to-collect data
  • Disadvantages of retrospective pre- and post-tests: Not appropriate for collecting data from very young audiences and low-literacy adults because they will not be able to compare before and after situation retrospectively

Short Training Evaluation Tools and Templates