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Guidelines for Analyzing Evaluation Data

  1. For each and every type of evaluation tool category, an Excel spread sheet has been setup for you to analyze evaluation data. These Excel spread sheets have been coded parallel to the code of Evaluation tools. Select the appropriate data analyzing Excel spreadsheet template for your evaluation tool.
  2. Modify the selected Excel spread sheet to match with the content of your evaluation survey tool. If you need any help for modification, you may review the sample Excel spreadsheet in the selected template category.
  3. Important! When you modify Excel templates make sure that you change only the items in green area. Don’t do any change in red areas because if you make any change in red area the setup codes for data analysis will be changed.
  4. After you make needed changes into the Excel spreadsheet, enter your evaluation data into the file as shown in the example. You can enter up to 250 training evaluation surveys into this file. If you are evaluating a 4-H camp or conducting a media evaluation, you will be able to enter 2500 evaluation surveys into the Excel spreadsheet setup for those evaluations.
  5. Once you complete your data entry, you will be able to get the summary of data analysis by clicking on Excel sheet 2 (Bottom left corner of the spreadsheet). Your data analysis summary will be available in graphical form on Excel sheet 3.